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College Days 2010

College Days broke Saturday to an amazing concert of Julius C…no wait…that was the fake! Then we went to sleep…had some morning activities…and spent lunch wondering when it as going to come. Finally, we headed back to campus for mail and we all found Rally Towels in personalized envelopes , giant Lollipops and notes leading us to the Upper Fields where we found the guys from Julius C…Ice Cream Trucks…Dove Bars…Giant Beach Balls…and College Days 2010 begins!! What a time it’s been so far. Perfect weather…Climbing and Ping Pong…Hockey and Bucket Brigade…Chaos and Track…Swim and Balloon Stomp…Apache Relay and Chaos! Last night’s Tug was amazing. Tonight is Rope Burn and Fight Song. Lots to come and it’s anybody’s game. Lets go Alaska, Maine, Hawaii and FIU!!