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If I could go back to camp. . .

If you’re a summer camp alum, and you had some extra wishes lying around, would you use one to go back to camp? If you could go back today, what would you do?

We asked and you answered, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Here’s some of what your fellow camp alums had to say. We challenged them to finish this sentence:

…run the Fit Trail for old time’s sake!

…go to a Cook Out.

…sing the Tooth Fairy Song and make a friendship bracelet of course. 🙂

…sit by Echo Lake.

…do a flip off the Mini-Tramp.

…wake up Bec at 8:10am sharp by saying …”Goooooodmorning Kennebec!” 🙂

…rewind College Days and have them all over again! UMAINE!

…pause time as much as possible, to make every memory that much better…

…make my kids stay little forever…they’re SSRs, ah!

…run down the blue rock like a parent on Visiting Day and go jump off the docks!

… flop in the lake…

…spend every possible moment hanging out in Bago.

…have my wedding on an S-Day at the Cove…

…do everything!


What would you do if you could go back to camp today? Use the comments section to let us know!